Farmer's Weekly Classifieds Online is the free of charge online version of the current issue of Farmer's Weekly's Classified pages.
The website features an easy-to-use search engine and a comprehensive browser.
Advertisers can also request a quote online.

Farmer's Weeky, the longest running magazine in the country, covers the entire spectrum of agricultural pursuits.
The magazine is read by an average on 192 000 readers every week.

The following classified advertising options are available:

Auction section

Farmer's Weekly's auctions section has always been successful.
A major reason is that our rates are very low and we give our advertisers a choice between full colour and black and white.
As an added on service auctioneers can send us photos and reports on their auctions which we publish free of charge.
Another free service our regular advertisers can make use of is our monthly Auction diary where we list all the coming auctions for the month.

When it comes to buying animals, most farmers go to auctions to do so.
These auctions are advertised on billboards in the area where the auction takes place, but farmers are prepared to drive far to buy quality animals etc.
The power of a national advertising vehicle such as Farmer's Weekly should therefore not be underestimated when it comes to auctions.

Prime Properties section

In this section advertisers have the opportunity to advertise full colour advertisements at a discounted rate.
The sizes range from business card size adverts to full-page, full colour adverts.
Every week we report on the latest list of farm's sold in each province.
This integrated approach ensures a captive audience.

Farmer's Shop window section

All block advertisements appear on these pages.
Our readers turn to these pages first when looking for a product or service.

Regular Classifieds

These advertisements are sorted according to categories and can be plain text, text in a box or a one column display advertisement.